StepAhead Australia is committed to funding the discovery and development of new therapies for the traumatically injured or diseased central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) – with a special emphasis on treatment of chronic spinal cord injury. By supporting the most innovative scientists and clinicians in Australia and throughout the world, StepAhead Australia aggressively pursues the development of breakthrough nervous system repair technologies that can have a major impact on the quality of life for people suffering with chronic neurological disorders.

From Discovery to Clinic

The accelerated development of new, effective therapies can only be achieved through supporting both the scientific discovery of new nervous system repair technologies and their “translation” from the lab to the clinic. StepAhead Australia is therefore dedicated to providing the necessary funding and resources to support the development of new therapies from the earliest stages of scientific research through to clinical trials. Once candidate therapies have been identified and validated, StepAhead Australia will establish and maintain treatment and rehabilitation centres for patients with chronic spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders.

Focused teams of StepAhead Australia Investigators

Why at present do we have thousands of research publications related to nervous system trauma and disease and yet few if any effective therapies? In addition to requiring a better understanding of the biology of the injured brain and spinal cord, delivering effective therapies requires the development of programs where scientists and clinicians can work together to identify and advance technologies that are suitable for translation from the lab to the clinic. By recruiting scientists and clinicians as “StepAhead Investigators” based throughout the world’s top medical institutions, StepAhead Australia is forming specialized international teams that are focused on the rapid translation of clinically relevant scientific discoveries into therapies.

Finding new solutions to a global problem

Spinal cord injury is a global problem affecting millions of people that requires the development of new technologies to solve in a timely manner. Unfortunately relatively poor funding of SCI research and the high cost of translation to the clinic have suppressed the development of new therapies. Through attracting more researchers and clinicians into the spinal cord injury research field and funding translation of promising scientific discoveries, StepAhead Australia is increasing the diversity of new spinal cord repair technologies and clinical trials around the world.

Neuro-Repair: Not if but when

Given the limitless nature of human ingenuity, it is not a matter of if effective, new nervous system repair therapies can be found but how soon they can be delivered. Our goal is to make “neuro-repair” a reality for everyone living today with spinal cord injury and other chronic neurological disorders.